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Trump triggers National Guard in hardest-hit states in the U.S



Donal Trump

In the recent press conference held on Sunday, U.S president Donal Trump has announced the activation of the National Guard in hardest-hit U.S states. Currently, New York, California and Washington are the 3 states where the corona virus has affected most of the people. Here, the COVID-19 virus is spreading like a wildfire, thus, the President has triggered the National Guard in order to control the situation before it becomes uncontrollable. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is going to fund the deployment of the National Guard. This will give citizens of the states a maximum flexibility to make use of the Guard against deadly virus without worrying a little about liabilities and expenses. The best advantage of the Guard is that it releases the pressure on the states resources to safeguard the health of the people in the states.

The administration of the president has also assured to offer all 3 states special mobile medical centres where one can find out numerous hospital beds without facing any kind of shortage in medical supplies. As per the recent reports, many medical institutions in the states have been facing scarcity of the medical supplies. Thus, this guard will protect the citizens in order to deal with the virus efficiently and effectively.

N95 masks

Along with that, the extra medical supplies including N95 masks and gloves will also be given to all the 3 states within next 48 hours. The decision was taken right after the governor of New York requested to the president to nationalize the corona crisis in the hardest-hit states in order to control the situation before it’s too late. Due to the scarcity of essential medical accessories such as gloves, gowns and masks, the decision has been taken by the Trump administration and the state governors.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, also appealed to the president to urgently order factories to manufacture a huge number of masks, gowns, gloves and ventilators to save lives of those who have already been infected from the virus. Thus, the federal government is putting all it’s resources and efforts in order to minimize the burden on the states. In fact, to enhance the medical support system, the USNS Mercy hospital ship of San Diego is now going to be shifted to Los Angeles to help state hospital and corona affected patients. Patients can be shifted and treated there as well.

In the Sunday briefing at the press conference, Trump has also announced a stimulus package to help an economy and major affected industries and sectors.

Moreover, the state agencies and medical experts have also requested people not to go for corona check-up unless they suffer from any of it’s symptoms. This will help to save the medical resources for those who are in need.

According to the date released by Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths due to the corona virus has now reached to 14,000, and over 300,000 cases have been confirmed all across the world.

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The unemployment rate rose to over 4.4%, nearly 701,000 jobs lost!



unemployment rate

The American economy is in trouble. The COVID-19 is attacking the U.S economy like never before. The death toll has reached to 6000 in the U.S and the number of infected patients has been increasing at an alarming rate. But what makes it even more worse is the report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to the BLS, the U.S economy has lost around 701,000 jobs only in the month of March, which is higher than the Great Recession of 2009. It is the first month in the history of America when the economy has suffered such a huge job loss, higher than 2009. The jobless rate has now risen to 4.4%, which is the highest so far.

Most of the job loss has taken place at bars and restaurants. It is estimated that nearly 417,400 jobs have gone in this particular sector. On the other hand, offline retailers have also suffered job loss of around 46, 200 followed by 43,000 in the health care industry. However, it is likely to get worse in the coming days as the corona pandemic is spreading like a wildfire.

The major sectors where the layoffs are going to happen first are hospitality, entertainment and tourism. In fact, white collar jobs are also not safe either. But it doesn’t stop here! As per the predication made by St. Louis Fed, the unemployment could shoot up to 30%. And it gets true then it would be higher than what the U.S witnessed in the Great Depression.

The complete lockdown has caused severe damage to the U.S economy. It is primarily the main, and the only reason, behind the highest rate of unemployment ever in the country. Most of the job losses have taken place in direct service based sectors where work-from-home is impossible.


Stock markets in the U.S are already facing losses and April month is going to be very challenging for the market. As of now, it is really impossible for us to make any kind of prediction. But one thing is sure that the market will take a lot of time to grow and reach back to the level high. Wall Street has registered a significant loss of 0.9% in the morning itself. Government bonds have also become weaker.

Amid all this, U.S is now heading rapidly towards the most affected country from the corona virus. On Thursday, the death toll reached more than 6,000 and the total number of infected patients to 245,000, which is the highest ever recorded so far by any country in the world. So far, the pandemic virus has spread all across the world and has infected more than 1 million people. The death toll in Italy reached to 14600, followed by over 10,000 in Spain. Surprisingly, the infected patients in the U.S have been increasing rapidly which is really a serious concern. New York has become the most affected corona virus state and registered nearly 3,000 deaths till date.

Since 90% of Americans are locked down, it is going to affect the economy very badly in the coming days. With the historic job loss, the damage to the U.S economy has just begun.

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U.S Corona Virus Deaths Reached to 74,000, positive cases over 27,7607



Corona Virus

The corona virus outbreak is becoming intense in America with each passing day. The U.S is now rapidly going forward to the top position as the country with the most number of COVID-19 deaths and cases. According to the health officials, over 74,000 deaths have been registered till date, surpassing China. What’s more shocking is that the corona positive cases toll reached to around 27,7607. It is an alarming situation in the U.S as the White House has already warned the citizens to prepare themselves for coming two weeks. However, the most affected state is New York with over 43,000 cases followed by New Jersey with around 18,500 cases. The president Trump has already showed his concern and alarmed Americans to prepare themselves for tough times ahead.

The task force has already predicted around 240,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. The prediction is made on the basis of social behaviour. It is believed that some people are still not following social distancing seriously. If everyone follows the social distancing guidelines strictly, then the estimated number of deaths could shrink to manifolds. Due to the life-threatening and highly tense situation, president Trump has extended the lockdown till April 30th.

In order to control the damage in the next two weeks, the administration is leaving no stone unturned to revise mask and social distancing guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention taking more steps to bring the situation under control. Amid the corona crisis, U.S Surgeon General Jerome Adams, however, supported the decision of Trump and it’s administration for complete lockdown and stay-at-home orders till the end of April month. Till date, thirteen states have already issued stay-at-home order. But the states that have followed strict lockdown and it’s policies are Washington state and California.


On the contrary, Florida is one of the six states where the COVID-19 cases have jumped to 5,000 and the state has not yet issued complete lockdown or stay-at-home order. Due to the lack of unity among states for the lockdown, the cases of corona virus are increasing day by day. Therefore, the administration has already made a critical and scary projection of around 240,000 deaths in the country.

Due to high pressure, USDA officials have accepted disaster management plans for Virginia, Louisiana and Pennsylvania in order to curb the situation. The agency is also planning for other states also including Florida, Ohio and many more.

Moreover, United Nations has already declared it the ‘most challenging crisis’ since World War II. So far, COVID-19 had taken the lives of around 50,000 people all over the world and the number of infected people is increasing day by day. So far, the number of corona infected people is 903,560. The virus started in China and now spread to over 181 countries in the world. It has already devastated the world economy and many countries will likely to face slowdown post COVID-19. It is literally a serious pandemic which is going to cause heavy damages in coming days.

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Hospitals in U.S have set the guidelines for corona virus patients



Hospitals in U.S

Knowing the increasing number of corona virus patients with each passing day, doctors in the U.S have taken a collective decision to prepare proper guidelines for who gets immediate care & attention in order to save as many lives as possible. It is quite evident that COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire all across the states amid limited medical facilities. To ensure that critical patients gets immediate medical care, the hospitals and nursing homes have launched guidelines to prioritise patients. Most of the accredited hospitals in the states are likely to adopt some sort of mechanism to address ethical issues by creating an ethics committee comprising medical professionals, patient advocates, social workers and pastors. In collaboration with the hospitals, they are likely to create a set of guidelines to prioritise patients in this critical time where resources are limited and patients are many.

Right now the main priority for the Trump and state administration is to save the most of the lives. Thus, a combination of factors are taken into consideration such as age, patient’s illness, life expectancy, previous history of illnesses that a patient has etc. All these factors now will be taken into consideration to prioritize care. Hospitals can now use all these criteria in order to develop clinical scores to attend the patients affected from the COVID-19 virus.


However, age is not always the priority in taking such decisions. If you are someone in the age group of 20-30 with additional chronic diseases, then you are likely to get priority. Thus, other factors will be taken into consideration. Every hospital is advised to take decision to save human life irrespective of all factors. Thus, it is suggested and requested to clinically evaluate the patients irrespective of their age, gender, race, insurance etc.

Due to the rising number of positive cases, over 1.5 billion people in the U.S are asked to stay home to slow the spread of this life-threatening virus COVID-19. In fact, there has been a phenomenal surge in the imports of masks, ventilators, gloves and other medical supplies in the U.S. Most of the states have already complained about the shortage of medical supplies. The mayor Bill de Blasio has already stated that, ‘if we don’t get the equipment, we are likely to lose lives.’

Moreover, the risk to the front line doctors, nurses and medical staff has also grown to manifolds. Italy has already lost it’s 18 doctors due to the virus. In Spain, nearly 3,900 health care workers have already infected with the corona virus. In such a scenario, essential medical accessories and supplies have become very important. Thus, U.S is now going to import them on a large scale to meet the rising demand. The battle for ventilators has already begun in the U.S. Donald Trump has clearly told state governors to make efforts to get their own medical equipment if they think they can get faster than the U.S government. Amid all this, Republic U.S senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has also got the infection.

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