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U.S seen record rise in the unemployment benefits claims, nearly 3.2 million.



It seems that corona virus outbreak has severely impacted U.S economy like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has literally disrupted the U.S economy as over 3 million employees have already filed for unemployment benefits which is likely to end the new job growth for coming years. According to the U.S Department of Labor, the number of unemployment benefits claims are higher than any other week in the entire history of U.S. In fact, it was quite shocking for many states as they were not prepared for it. This is the biggest unemployment claims ever in the history of America.

As per the recent report of a Department of Labor, the biggest challenge is that nearly 22 states don’t even have the recommended unemployment trust reserves. In such a scenario, these states have to be dependent on the federal government in order to fulfil unemployment benefits claims raised by the citizens. The states like California, Texas and New York have the worst unemployment trust fund programme to compensate the citizens with their unemployment benefits claims. Thus, it will create a major problem in coming months for the federal government to meet the demands of all these states.

unemployment benefits claims

Pennsylvania was the first state to close all the businesses due to the rising number of corona virus patients. Due to the lack of resources and funds to meet the growing number of unemployment benefit claims from it’s citizens, the state took this decision. Thus, it will rely heavily on the federal government to seek funds and resources for the damages that have already been done due to the corona virus outbreak in the state.

According to Moody’s Analytics, U.S is likely to lose around 6 million jobs by the end of March. The figure is likely to increase as the claims received in the last week are more than expected.

In fact, the corona outbreak has severely impacted the stock as well as the bond market. The bond market in the U.S will impact world bond market because US is the largest bond market in the world. The equities index in the U.S has also dropped so sharply followed by over 700 points down registered by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Even the NASDAQ has also registered downfall of over 200 points. Due to the panic situation created by the COVID 19 and the release of the federal government’s bailout package, the stock market suffered a severe hit on Friday morning. Some of the companies taking the biggest hits are ViacomCBS, Lionsgate, Discover, Disney etc.

US economy

So far, there is no indication of respite to the US economy. The shutdowns of businesses and preventive lockdown in many states due to the corona virus has literally devastated economy. The virus spread in many states is rising with each passing day and is likely to cause more damage in the coming days. Due to the panic and economy slowdown fear, the number of unemployment benefits claims is likely to increase in coming days.


Top U.S Departments Seek Ban On China Telecom Owing To National Security Risks



The top departments of the U.S government have unanimously requested the Federal Communications Commission to ban China Telecom’s operations in the U.S. All the departments want to cancel the license of China Telecom’s services in the U.S. The Trump’s administration has already raised the concerns about the national security risks previously. China Telecom is one of the largest mobile networks and broadband providers in the U.S with the parent organization based in China. The Department of Justice along with other top-notch departments such as Defense, State and Homeland Security has sighted security threats and wanting FCC to terminate all authorizations for the China Telecom to operate in the America.

The Executive Branch Agencies in the U.S recognized some unacceptable national security risks associated with the operations of China Telecom. They have also sighted that the telecom company is likely to be controlled and influenced by the Chinese government. The telecom company might engage in some malicious cyber activity in order to benefit the Chinese government leading to the disruption of the U.S economy and important communications, according to the U.S departments.

Before this development, The Trump administration created an interdepartmental body to review the operations of the telecom operators in the context to the national security risks and issues. After the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S, Trump had already named it ‘Chinese Virus’ in his official tweets and blamed China for not updating about the virus on time.

China Telecom

Moreover, in Sept last year, two U.S senators, Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Tom Cotton, raised the request to the FCC to enforce the ban on China Telecom and China Unicom in the U.S due to the potential national security risks.

In 2007, FCC had given the authorization to the Chinese telecom company. But according to the reports, the telecom company failed to comply with the laid terms by the department. But the latest move made by the top departments in the U.S government will create a lot of tension in the coming days for the Chinese telecom.

Last year, Huawei, yet another Chinese technology company, was blacklisted by the U.S for some security reasons. Washington claims that the Chinese company’s technology and devices could be used for espionage by China. Similarly, FCC also banned yet another state-owned Chinese carrier, China Mobile due to the security threats.

However, the China Telecom spokesperson has yet to respond on the matter. But, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson has said that America should stop politicizing commercial matters due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The ministry is opposing this action by the U.S federal government.

It’s now going to be very stressful for China in coming days. No doubt, it’s going to be a big setback for China, after Huawei’s ban last-year by the U.S government.

Meanwhile, U.S is still struggling to control the rising number of coronavirus cases, especially in New York, Louisiana and New Jersey. The death toll spiked up to 16,400 till date.

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US Coronavirus death toll climbs to 11,000, registered over 1200 deaths in a day



Coronavirus death

It seems like the deadliest coronavirus week has started claiming more lives in the US. In the last 24 hours, the U.S has registered over 1200 deaths due to the deadly COVID-19 virus, bringing the death toll close to 11,000. With this sudden surge in the number of deaths in the last 24 hours, U.S has now become the country with the 3rd highest number of deaths due to coronavirus in the world. The country has already entered into the ‘peak death week’ of the COVID-19, a deadly respiratory virus and it’s now becoming uncontrollable for several states to treat the rising number of patients. The severely affected states such as New York and Louisiana are struggling offer immediate medical attention to the virus-infected patients due to the rising number of positive cases.

The other states such as Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, city of Detroit etc. are also put on an alert. The coronavirus cases are now coming from every single state in the U.S. Whether it’s a big or small state, everyone is now put on alert by the federal government. Every state now needs to follow the stern precautions and social distancing guidelines in order to control the number of deaths. Nearly 90% of the Americans are now following stay-at-home orders issued by the state governors. However, some states have still not sternly imposed the restrictions of the lockdown or stay-at-home orders strictly.

testing kits

What’s more concerning is that there is a severe shortage of supplies testing kits and other medical equipment including masks and ventilators. On top of that, the miscommunication from federal government, state governors and local authorities creating a lot of chaos in hospitals and among public. Recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also stated that the shortage of medical professionals creating a huge problem in dealing with the corona virus patients. He also called for an urgent requirement of over 45,000 clinical personnel as soon as possible to tackle the growing number of cases in coming days.

The impact of coronavirus can also be seen in the New York Police Department. On Sunday, 18.6% police personnel were on sick leave, and 5.1% of the total workforce has already tested positive for the COVID-19. This is also a serious concern for the state governors and the federal government.

critical health emergency in the U.S

Shockingly, amid such a critical health emergency in the U.S, Wisconsin is ready for it’s primary presidential election and asking it’s citizens to ignore stay-at-home orders. Voters were seen standing in long queue outside the polling location. The state has already registered 2,511 positive cases of coronavirus and almost 85 people have already died. On the other hand, all other states with an election scheduled for the month of April have already postponed for the next month. The election decision made by the Republican leaders is being criticized by the experts and scholars.

The World Health Organization has already requested all the countries to promote social distancing and treat and trace every case in order to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

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US entered the toughest week in the ongoing corona crisis



It’s an alarming week for the US as the death toll has increased to a great extent. The government officials have already warned the country to brace themselves as the death rate will spike in most of the states including Louisiana, New York, Michigan followed by other states as well. The US Surgeon General Jerome Adams has already compared the corona pandemic with the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 moment. He further quoted, “This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives, quite frankly.”

Surprisingly, despite the warning, the governors of eight states unlikely to issue stay-at-home orders that aimed to control the spread of the deadly respiratory virus. In fact, some churches in these states held huge Palm Sunday services in opposite to the orders. The states include Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, Wyoming and North Dakota. Whereas, Georgia has already ordered stay-at-home orders, but allowed a couple of beaches to open. The state has 6,600 positive cases and registered over 200 deaths so far. Knowing the grave situation and critical week ahead, The US Surgeon requested the governors of all these states to consider stay-at-home orders at least for the upcoming week.

The New York Governor, Andrew Coumo stated that the new hospitalization had minimized by 50% in the last 24 hours. However, it’s still not clear whether the corona crisis is going up or fallen. So far, the state has recorded 4,159 deaths due to the deadly respiratory virus, and over 122.000 corona positive cases have registered. Only after the downfall of the virus, a fastest testing can take place in order to bring the situation under normalcy, stated by the governor.

Currently, New York and Lousiana have become the hot spot of the corona virus. The cases are increasing at a rapid pace. The governors of both the states have already stated that they are running short of ventilators and essential medical supplies. However, they are seeking help from the federal stockpiles in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming critical week.

The states like Oregon and Washington returning their ventilators to the hard-hit states like New York and Louisiana in order to help all those patients facing difficulty in breathing. However, the White House medical experts and administration have already forecasted that over 240,000 Americans could die due to this serious corona pandemic.

Since last one week, US has already surpassed China in total number of positive cases. The country is going through serious health emergency and the shortage of medical supplies, especially ventilators. The situation in New York is very critical and fearful. Thus, the coming week is going to be very important for the state of New York.

The WHO has already declared the corona virus outbreak a global pandemic. It has affected nearly 80% of the world. So far, it has killed over 68,000 people all across the world and the positive cases reached to 1.2 million worldwide, according to the data collected by the John Hopkins University.

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